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So I met Ashlee my freshman year at ASU. Over the years we had lost touch with each other, but one day I ran into her and she told me the exciting news that she was getting married. She had heard that I was doing jewelry and asked if I would want to make some for her upcoming wedding. I was so excited to be trying something new and different!

Ahlee Manuel was one of the first brides that I ever made WEDDING JEWELRY for, and she wanted something BIG and BOLD. She knew she wanted a BIG necklace, something she couldn’t buy in a store. So we brainstormed and came up with this 4 strand necklace made of pearls and swarovski’s crystals. To date it is the biggest necklace I have ever made, but she LOVED it and that was all I cared about.

Ashley 4


Ashley 2

Ashlee also wanted earrings for her bridesmaids. This was a little bit of challange, for their shoes were a copper color and I usually only work with Gold and Silver. But I found just the right chaina nd wire and the Chandelier earrings came out great!

Ashley 3


Her Mom Cathy also needed jewelry, so we came up with a classy necklace, earrings and bracelet to match her champagne colored dress!


I had such a great time working with Ahlee and her Mom, I have to credit them for getting me into making Wedding Jewelry! I don’t think my business would be what it is today if they had not inspired me and opened my eyes to what I could really do. So a BIG thanks to Ashlee and Cathy, aren’t they just GORGEOUS!!


Photographs by Tom Jones Photography.

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So I was looking back through my photo albums of all of the weddings I have made jewelry for and I thought I would post a few pictures!


Courtney's Wedding 2004

Courtney's Wedding 2004

This is a picture from one of the very first weddings I ever made jewelry for, my best friend Courtney Gubernick. This is her good friend Taylor wearing a pair of 3 stone drop earrings, made of Swarovski Crystals.


Ashley's Wedding 2005

Ashley's Wedding 2005

This was a girlfriend of mine from college, Ashley. I had never made a necklace this big, but it turned out amazing. 4 strands of pearls and Swarovski crystals. I also made her Mom’s jewelry and all the earrings for the bridesmaids. They were so wonderful to work with.


My Wedding 2006

My Wedding 2006

This is a picture of one of MY bridesmaids, Carla. She is wearing one of my most popular earrings, the cluster drop.


Keri's Wedding 2007

Keri's Wedding 2007

This is Keri Chantler, one of the co-owners of Twirl in Scottsdale and soon to be in Chandler. I don’t make a ton of bracelet’s but these have to be some of my favorite. Keri did 3 different bracelet strands, all in gold with White Shell and Mother of Pearl. She got married on a cliff over looking the ocean in Laguna Beach and she new she wanted something with a beachy feel to it, and I think we got it just right!